Logan Vs KSI: Why KSI will loose

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Logan Vs KSI: Why KSI will loose


 "Logan Paul is going to beat KSI!" I said, and everyone responded. "Are you crazy, you are stupid, etc." My point is, this is not a popular opinion, but when considering minor details about their training, shape, etc, you start to notice that fight will be much closer than you think. Lets get to the reasons why there is a slightly better chance that Logan Paul will win.

Training differences: Watch the unbiased video below then I will explain what I mean in further detail.

We see that Logan clearly has prior experience to boxing to some extend already. Logan after all did do wrestling, but people who do wrestling usually end up practicing more than just one martial art. Logan is much larger than KSI in general in muscle size and structure which means he has a longer reach, however, being so large, there could be a potential struggle lasting 12 rounds in the ring.

KSI also clearly has quite a lot of experience as well, which means he is most likely already in cardiovascular shape and trained with strongly developed fighting habits so that gives him the upper hand, however, many Youtube comments were pointing out that KSI does a bad job at keeping his hands up, that being a potential vulnerability.

Now here's the huge takeaway from this all which may be the reason why Logan may win. Most of these videos, including the one were he knocks out the other fighter, are from two years ago! That means that two years ago, Logan was already had an experience with boxing. Now two years have passed and who knows what type of amazing potential progress he could have secretly made.

Now just recently this video was released and it helps us know just a little bit about Logans power.

 Logan's punches are unquestionably very powerful, enough to move back a 257 pound bodybuilder back a couple feet. This power seems more than the power of the punches that KSI outputs during his training and in the Joe Weller fight.

Natural Athleticism, Learning Abilities, and Money

I'm sure that you as well have probably seen those guys at school who just seem like they can get good at anything within a short period of time. Logan seems to be one of those people. He's a good learner if he can get a 4.7 GPA in High School, and get a full-ride scholarship to OSU, and win state in wrestling. This is not only an indicator of natural athletisism but mostly an indicator of a high IQ, which essentially means that he can learn a skill fast within a short period of time. 

According to Youtuber Tanner J Fox who does calculates Youtubers revenue sources and comes back with accurate conclusions. Logan Paul makes around 50 Million an year with all his sources of income. This means that Logan Paul has the money to contract high-class trainers likely to provide him with the training necessary. 


Logan Paul will know what to expect: If Logan Paul does indeed sparr with Joe Weller, he may get some important information out of him regarding his fight with KSI. After all, Joe Weller fought with KSI so therefor he can demonstrate KSI's fighting style.

ConclusionGivin all these factors, there is a chance that Logan may actually win the fight against KSI. Clearly Deji will be destroyed if you haven't already seen his training videos. If you agree or disagree with anything, feel free to leave your comment down below. I'd be curious to see what you guys think. 

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